Andy Mckee

Andy Mckee - Tight Trite Night guitar tab

Tight Trite Night

Andy McKee

This is (almost) the exact version of the YouTube video of Andy McKee


This tab may not be really clear, so it's important to watch the song

very carefully to get the correct fingerstyle and rhythm. For

example: he slaps almost every seventh 16th note on the low E string

and he pops a lot death notes.

It was really hard to follow, so there is a big chance that not

everything is correct. If you have comments or corrections,

please mail me --> webmaster at

Good luck!

Christiaan Kieft, The Netherlands


S S S S S T T T T T T S. T S S S T T T T T T








S. T S S S T T T T T T E Q S S

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