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Subject: a/all-american_rejects/drive_away.crd

TITLE: Drive Away

ARTIST: The All-American Rejects

ALBULM: (self-titled)

TABBED BY:  Jonathan Oliver  (


INTRO: A  E  D  D    G|--9-11-9-(3x) --11-9


She's gone away...  A  E  D


People call...   D  E 

My thoughts... A  E   D



My mind...   D  E

CHORUS:   A  D  E  D  (3x)

Better say hello... D  E


I'll write sincerely...  A   F#   D   E


VERSE 2  (same as first)


BRIDGE:  F#   E   D  (3x)   D   E




OUTRO:  A  F#  D  E    end on A


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