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i long for the moment
when i see you again
i long to touch and stroke your long black hair
how my heart longs to show you how much i care

i wait for the chance
to feel your hair so fine
through this hand of mine
i long just to say
how i love you this way
its you i adore

until then
all i have is just a memory of you
that i can hold on to
until then
all i have is just this luxury of time
to wait and think of you
coz you'll be on my mind
until then

i go on believing
i see you standing there
with the wind blowing through your hair
i know that one day
i'll get you to stay
and together we'll soar


i long for the moment
i long for the time
i'll take all my chances
until you are mine


until then...
until then...
until then
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