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Alkaline Trio - Stupid Kid (Tabbed by Rich Bagnall)


e |--------------------------------------------
b |--------------------------------------------
g |--4444-9999-8888-6666-------9999-8888-6666--
d |--4444-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx--6666-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx--
a |--2222-7777-6666-4444--6666-7777-6666-4444--
e |-----------------------4444-----------------


e |------------------
b |------------------
g |--4444------------
d |--4444-4444-2222--
a |--2222-4444-2222--
e |-------2222-0000--


e |---------------------- --------------
b |---------------------- --------------
g |--44444444------------ -----------4--
d |--44444444-6666-4444-- on last time play --2--4--4--4--
a |--22222222-6666-4444-- --2--4--4--2--
e |-----------4444-2222-- --0--2--2-----


e |-------------------------------------
b |--------------------------------------
g |--444444444444-33333/44444444-99-88-66
d |--xxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxx/xxxxxxxx-xx-xx-xx
a |--222222222222-11111/22222222-77-66-44
e |--------------------------------------

Order of all this Stuff

Intro 2x
Verse 4x
Intro 2x
Verse 4x
Chorus 3x
Intro 2x
Verse 4x
Chorus 3x
Intro 2x
Bridge 1x
Chorus 3x
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