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Demon from the dusk, demon from the darkness
My spirit is connected by
The fire pact
I feel an evil, I feel power of hell
My body is torn
Between worlds
Where death hushs bells of life
It sounds sings

I can see the light, I can see an im
My spiri is crossing the gate
Among me - evil, among me - power of hell
Black suite leads me
Where eternal sprong of the blood
There is throned
Where eternal holy fire burns
There is throned

Take the bounty from my soul
Spill the blood on it - devils baptism

I carring the power, I carring the cult
My spirit comes back among the clouds
I feel an evil, I feel power of hell
My body is walking from sleeps
Where clouds in the moonlight
I scream into the night
Where heavy rain - fall in old wood
I scream into the night
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