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Everything I thought I ever new
(Scream daydream, take me away)
Disappears with you
My knees start shaking, heart's breaking for you
(A lonely paradoxís swing reversely, taken breath from me, cast me away)
and everything you do

My entire world, it falls apart
Without you here with me
(Catch me fast Iím falling,
In circles, fast for you Iím calling
Catch me fast Iím dawning
Slowing down the moment
Burgundy raining on me
Slowing down the moment
Staring off the boundaries

This I swear, I'll be right there
If youíd stay with me
We'll walk on stars, and swim the skies
Cuz I'm in love with you

Days seem endless spent pretending youíre here
(With meaning begging to be)
Everythingís so clear
With this heart feeling you know youíre dealing with love
(Silence I as you pass by again)
Thoughts are never enough

And I fall, (Leaves falling)
Here, without you near
(Pulling close the moments)
And it's so, clear, I want you hear
(Time in its purity)
And I fall, here, without you near
(I canít bear to see)
And it's so, clear, I want you here
(Pulling close the moments and)
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