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If Jah is by my side
I won't tired, no I won't tired

Bum Bum bum
This yah tune yah a bum bum bum
This yah tune yah a bum bum bum
Dis yah tune yah a bum

If Jah is standing by my side
Then why should I be afraid
Of the pestilence that crawleth by night

1. Your best you try, to harm I and I
Aiming to kill
But I love you still
Cause you are here to make prophecy fulfill
Its Jah will
No weapon that, form against me
Desire shall not be
Divine protection shall set my soul free
Talk to me


2. The gates of hell can never prevail
From I know Jah he never fail
What yuh think I'm gonna do, give up now?
No NO naw guh bow
My foes intact and I just smile
They dont seem to understand my style
My confidence is so high, high in Ababajonnoi


Bum bum bum
Dis yah tune yah a bum bum bum
Dis yah tune yah a bum bum bum
Dis yah tune a bum

3. So talk your talk and laugh your laugh
That wont shiver my heart
His secret tabernacle will guide I, guide I, guide I
Guess your guess and test your test
That is in your own interest
To find out the power of the most high, most high, most high

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