Alkaholiks - L-I-K-S

[Tash] Ha ha, hahaha! Straight ignorance at it's finest We got the rowdy ass Alkaholik boys in the house tonight They brought they homeboys the Animal House to come fuck witch'all Animal House full of skateboarders, headbangers, slang bashers Y'know, check me out Aiyyo Tha Liks work beats like Custom Auto When the fans hear the name they straight rush a bottle It's two-thou' now niggaz what's the motto? (Keep it pourin motherfucker) ahh 'til it hurts to swallow I got a Rollo-ass style with no strings attached If you ain't come to battle don't bring yo' raps It's Tha Liks baby, yeah yeah the same team Yo Swift, tell these niggaz what the fuck the name means [E-Swift] Aight {L} Lush, lewd Leanin on the ledge of the bar, loud rowdy and rude Longevity, lots of enegry Legendary Likwid Crew for life, large following {I} Illustrious, impressive In your rap section, not imperfection International, inner city nigga I'm the truth in the isolated booth, idolize my group {K} K.O. niggaz who keep runnin off at the mouth, keep it bouncin down South We stay keyed, keep on givin the fans what they need Keep it rough for these streets (Swift) {S} So inebriated, so faded So underrated, so concentrated So focused, so much ambition So much recognition, that's the definition of [Chorus] {L}.. to the motherfuckin {I}.. to the motherfuckin {K}.. to the motherfuckin {S}.. what comes next? It's the {L}.. to the motherfuckin {I}.. to the motherfuckin {K}.. to the motherfuckin {S}.. what comes next? [Tash] So when Tha Liks is on the set it's that same shit perpetual A gang of rookie niggaz tryin to drink against professionals But yc12

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