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Song: Queen Of The Rodeo
Location: Chained To The Studio, Heroin, Working Class Heros

Transcriber: Matt Rouse []

Origin: This file originally came from "Alice In Chains: The Rarities"
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Notes: This is a transcription of the studio version found only on
various bootleg CDs. The version included on Music Bank is
live and doesn't feature the nice lead guitar. I recently
discovered that this song dates back to the glam days, before
Jerry Cantrell was in the band. I heard this performed on a
concert tape from 1986! I assume the lead guitar was something
Jerry added to the song in the studio, as I've never heard this
played live with two guitars.

Gtr.1 is a brittle sounding six string electric with a chorus
effect. The struming pattern is pretty simple, but to
get it right you'll need to listen to the song or the rhythm
probably won't sound the same.

[Intro/1st Verse]
[Gtr.1 Electric w/Chorus]

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