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Title: Killer Is Me
Artist: Alice In Chains

music & lyrics: Jerry Cantrell
(taken from the AIC Unplugged album, 1996)

tuned 1/2 step down

chord formations (chord names are as in normal tuning!)

A Fadd9 E F# F#7sus4 (add Bb) Fmaj7 (add B)


intro: A\\\ Fadd9\\\\\\\ (repeated)

*note that Fadd9 is strummed downwards, then upwards and so on, to
that cacophonic outa-tune sound.

Chord progression for verse is same as intro. Listen to the CD to
play along with the rhythm. It's basically:

A Fadd9
Don't need a gun
A Fadd9 ---->and so on
Pointed at me

Chord progression for chorus is as follows:

E F#\F#7sus4 ----->listen to the CD to catch on
Oh yeah can I start over to when the switches are made
E F#\F#7sus4
Oh yeah can I start over
And get over it


Here are the rest of the lyrics:

Don't need a gun
Pointed at me
No need to run
The killer is me

Killer is me...

So the sun
Shines upon me
I'm havin' fun
The killer is me

Insane the mind
In the name of me x2
Can't find the time
To let things be

Let things be...

Oh yeah can I start over
Oh yeah can I start over
And get over it

So the sun
Shines upon me
I'm havin' fun
The killer is me

The killer is me... x2

Oh yeah can I start over
Oh yeah can I start over
And get over it

Let things be...

tabbed by bOaZ.

"I'd like to fly... but my wings have been so denied"

---Layne Staley, AIC.

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