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Light ahead, is it something that I can cling to
is it something to help this life sustain,
see no pain
Is it just another train?

Life ahead, is it something that I can count on
is it something to keep the spirit raised,
seize my days
Is it just another phase?

Innocence left us long ago - lines are blurred on
everything that I've been told

Foma, Foma, Foma

Jesus Christ - is He someone you put faith in?
is He someone to wear your crown of thorns,
bear your wrongs
Is He just another God?

Sincerity left us long ago - stay in line and do
exactly what you're told

Foma, Foma, Foma
Lies...See through your lies.

See the sign - is it something you would bleed for?
is it something that helps to feed your soul
with a sense of hope?
Just stay in line and do
exactly what you're told

Foma, Foma, Foma
Lies...See your lies
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