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The Eagles' story goes on

Posten on: 2007-11-13 12:56:48

Long Road out of Eden - 2007Six years in production, 'Long Road Out Of Eden' is the seventh studio album from country rock mainstays The Eagles. Recording began a full 22 years after the release of their previous opus with a tweaked line-up (following Don Felder's dismissal in 2001) and some instrumental augmentations. Lead single 'How Long' adheres to the musical templates the band is known for, but album tracks such as the ten-minute epic title track showcase the wider scope of earlier successes such as 'Hotel California'. Eagerly anticipated by their ageing fanbase, 'Long Road Out Of Eden' is a worthy continuation of the Eagles story. Eagles - Long Road out of Eden TracklistingDisc one "No More Walks in the Wood" (Don Henley, Steuart Smith, John Hollander) - 2:00 "How Long" (J.D. Souther) - 3:15 "Busy Being Fabulous" (Don Henley, Glenn Frey) - 4:20 "What Do I Do With My Heart" (Glenn Frey, Don Henley) - 3:54 "Guilty of the Crime" (Frankie Miller, Jerry Lynn Williams) - 3:43 "I Don't Want To Hear Anymore" (Paul Carrack) - 4:21 "Waiting in the Weeds" (Don Henley, Steuart Smith) - 7:46 "No More Cloudy Days" (Glenn Frey) - 3:50 "Fast Company" (Don Henley, Glenn Frey) - 3:59 "Do Something" (Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmit, Steuart Smith) - 5:09 "You Are Not Alone" (Glenn Frey) - 2:24Disc two "Long Road Out of Eden" (Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Timothy B. Schmit) - 10:17 "I Dreamed There Was No War" (Glenn Frey) - 1:38 "Somebody" (Jack Tempchin, John Brannen) - 4:09 "Frail Grasp on the Big Picture" (Don Henley, Glenn Frey) - 5:46 "Last Good Time in Town" (Joe Walsh) - 7:07 "I Love To Watch a Woman Dance" (Larry John McNally) - 3:16 "Business as Usual" (Don Henley, Steuart Smith) - 5:31 "Center of the Universe" (Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Steuart Smith) - 3:42 "It's Your World Now" (Glenn Frey, Jack Tempchin) - 4:22 "Hole in the World" (Don Henley, Glenn Frey) 4:13 * "Please Come Home for Christmas" (Charles Mose Brown, Gene C. Redd) 2:58 *Eagles Glenn Frey Guitars, keyboards, bass guitar, vocals Don Henley Drums, percussion, guitar, vocals Joe Walsh Guitars, keyboards, vocals Timothy B. Schmit Bass guitar, vocals * - Bonus tracks on the United Kingdom Deluxe Edition

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Best work in years

Posten on: 2007-11-05 08:05:20

Chrome Dreams II - 2007The 1977 "Chrome Dreams" contained some of Neil Young's most enduring electric blowouts and most somber, stirring folk-rock songs. 30 years later "Chrome Dreams II" comes out not as a sequel but as a mirror image of the original "Chrome Dreams." The songs from that album - scheduled to come out in the fall of 1976, but never released - made their way onto "American Stars 'n Bars" "Rust Never Sleeps," and "Hawks & Doves." The second "Chrome Dreams" reverses that plotline, bringing together a wildly varied set of tunes both new and old, including the 19 year old, 18-minute long "Ordinary People." Like that song, a classically lumbering Neil Young epic, only accessorized with a horn section echoing the melody from "Cortez The Killer," a Springsteen-esque sax solo and keyboard flourishes, "Chrome Dreams II" is a vehicle built from parts that shouldn't work together, but do. Joined by guitarist Ben Keith, bassist Rick Rosas and Crazy Horse drummer Ralph Molina, Young ranges his way from the rickety folk of "Boxcar," street corner balladry of "Shining Light," the grimy rock of "Dirty Old Man" and idiosyncratic gospel of "The Way." But on every song Young yearns for a return to a physical or spiritual home, which gives the album a satisfying thematic consistency that marks "Chrome Dreams II" as first-rate Neil Young.Neil Young Chrome Dreams II TracklistBeautiful Bluebird Boxcar Ordinary People Shining Light Believer Spirit Road Dirty Old Man Ever After No Hidden Path Way

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