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Title:  Then Again
Artist:  Alabama
Albums:  Greatest Hits Vol. II,  For The Record: 41 Number One Hits
Written by:  Rick Bowles, Jeff Silbar
Transcribed by:  Tim Rehagen
E-mail Address:

Key:  A major

INTRO:  A    Dm/A    A    Dm/A

               A                                  Dm/A
We could walk away now.....Call it over and done

            Bm                                     A
Say we fought the good fight......And nobody won

               D                             Bm
Say we're both better off.....that worst came to worst

     Em                          Em7/A               A   
So we didn't last.....Hey, we're not the first

D                        A/C#       Bm                  A
.....But then again,......if we give it one more try

D                          A/C#          C                   Esus   E
We might find the feeling....can never really die 

                 D                        E     C#m                      F#m
And there's still a chance to be......all we might have been

       D                      Esus                   A     Dm/A     A      
And find the love we had back then again

         A                                  Dm/A
Off to such a good start.....But somehow it seems

Bm                                    A
We've let our hearts......fall apart at the dreams

               D                                     Bm                       
We could throw in the towel......Walk away with our pride

         Em                                     Em7/A                      A
Say it just wasn't worth........all the tears that we've cried.....


C                      Bm                  A
......Maybe if we want it bad enough

C                            Bm              Esus      E
......We can make it better than it ever was....

                 D                        E     C#m                      F#m
And there's still a chance to be......all we might have been

        D                      Esus                    A     Dm/A    A     
Dm/A     A
Let's find the love we had back then again

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