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So Close ringtone on your mobile phone
(Hall, Green)

They met on the dance floor in the old high school gym
He fell like a rock
She kinda liked him
And his heart beat like thunder as they moved cross the floor
But when the music was over she slipped out the door
Yeah a man loves a woman but he can't understand
Why she's sad when she stares at the ring on her hand
Then she sits in some club where the long shadows fall
Drops a coin in the jukebox not the phone on the wall

So close
Yet so far away
We believe in tomorrow and a better day
We lie down to sleep so close
Yet so far away

There's a restless look in you eye tonight
There's a secret hurt in my heart
And the dream that pulls us together girl
Is a dream that keeps us
So close
Yet so far away

Some people think if you really believe
That's all you need to solve all the mysteries
Well I know someone who just heads for the sun
She says "I don't wanna be wise, I just wanna stay young"


There's a restless look in your eye tonight
There's a secret hurt in my heart
And the dream that pulls us together girl is a dream
That's gonna tear us apart
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