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* Iím not sure about any of these names *

Mami marymary coleman that is
I love yourest in peace
You still here though
Word up
This goes out to you
Mary parkerloretta randall
Grandfather bill
Runy manuelrobert níblangio
Uncle calicia elon

To my man g.o.v.I remember how you used to be
You were the illest man alive now Iím reading your eulogy
Eyes so seriousyou told me hold my head
Pursue this rap shit and go forward never backwards
While you gripped tecís tightand ran niggaz out of town
I ripped up micsshowin wack niggaz how to sound
Still your essencewas callin
By two gunshotsat close rangeyour frame had fallen
Now like a angel youíve risen
And you will stay in my heartand yo I wish you were still livin
Word... this is in memory of

* Iím not sure about any of these names *

Zachary brocousin paula
Harry o-fives "rest in peace" -- biggie smalls
Joshua faust "rest in peace"
Brian brown yíallyeah

To my man brian bI remember how you used to be
You were the flyest in the club with three bitches doin rub-a-dub
You was the pimp of all panderers
Gqjohnny presleyfuckin up the elegances
So many hookers on your schedule
Slammin cadillac doors and mackin whores on the regular
You used to boostthe slickest of suits
Climbin through the back windows on the busyou was ill dukes
Until that chick you vickedfor the cutlass
Started snillz-niffin ki-daineand went to cut cha
That freak shanked you six times in your sleep
I wish you was herecause your philosophy was mad deep
Yeah... this is in memory of

Keith ícowboyíscott larock
Prince messiah "rest in peace"
Buffythe human beatbox yíknow
Tupac shakur "rest in peace"
Pinkhousesub roc
O.g. boo bangsalute! "rest in peace"
Seagramískilla black from mobb deep
Biggie smallsyeah rest in peace
Lance owens yíall

To all my brothers doin timewhether or not you did the crime
You know the system is devised to keep you deaf dumb and blind
Like scarface saidthem cats are smart
In order for things to change we must all play a part
Itís easy for us to blame society
But now itís way too lateand we must take responsibility
To all my brothers in the streets
I know you feel you gotta hustle cause your peeps gotta eat
Makin moves right and exact; donít wanna see you layin flat
Donít wanna see ya catch a bullet black
If we donít build weíll be destroyed
Thatís the challenge we face in this race of poor and unemployed
Freuda philosopherbut Iím a realist
So philosophize thiswithout love we wonít exist
To those who passed out therein the deserts and the jungles
With pain on their shouldersand heavy bundles
I pray each one willascend to new heights and new enlightenment
And this is why Iím writin it
Yeah... this is in memory of

* Iím not sure about all of these names *
Linnet grinnichcookie murray
Yeah "rest in peace"
Rosslaverne la-la eyelif
John hood "rest in peace"
Kevin fredricksdonny charles
Leslie clarkand will clark "rest in peace"
Tommy saundersprincess di
Don clarkbetty shabazz "rest in peace"
This is in memory of...
"rest in peace"
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