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Well, now is known: I shot a fool in the dome with the quickness
Let his ass dead only God with my witness
The silent type killa in the hood, that's fine
10 of the scene with the hot Tec-9, murder
On my mind and it just don't quit
Roll into your hood doing a gang of gangsta shit
Suckas come up missing and they never be found
Only time to ?? when the Bone's around
Round for round, clown for clown, I don't slip
I roll up on the fools then I empty the clip
Cause I'm a G like that, I got to be like that
Killin' sprees like that now from my brother Lil' Rat
Rider Bone is back
With the rat-tat-tat
Duck on boy
Cause I'm aimin' for your blue hat
Sucker-ass niggas out there don't know
I spit some' and I'm poppin' go on two car doors
So you can but you can't hide fool it's do or die
Rider Bone on the mission doin' a fuckin' walk by
So if you slip you trip, you can ?sink? like a ship
Rider Bone comin' at you
From the silent killa G up

It's the silent gangsta tip
So 'ware that trip gettin' banked in the lip
It's Center Park with the triggers
Ricket you step in the hood you a dead-ass nigga

For sure the Center Park's gonna ride with me
I'm Mr. C.K. Rider Bone killing silently
Havin' Crab niggas missing for days and days
Two only out for turnin' up
In a shallow grave
My couple of the mess to the Center
Straight acts some Crabs
Creepin' up on the fools
And I unleashin' the wrath
With my Glock 16 shots
With my 9 never stop
Pop pop another Ricket nigga's dropped on the spot
Rider Bone done dirt
Another Crab fool is history
Leavin' no trace
So his murders: a mistery
To the cops, to his family, to his hood
An unexplaining murder in the City of Inglewood
The Center's strong but maybe not that deep
But we got Imperial
To a 106th street
And Crenshaw to Prairie
?? that's large
But just a small portion when you throw up outta high car
To be a silent killer takes up salvation
Before you lead off
Pick up the situation
Then you done, no survivors, no witnesses, no cop
Just a dead Ricket nigga in a rider
Shakin' the spot
Killin' Crabs on a under
More Ricket niggas dropped and now the cops to start to wonder
Who's up to no good
But let to do they know it's all good in Inglewood

It's the silent gangsta tip
So Crab that trip gettin' banked in the lip
It's Center Park with the triggers
Ricket you step in this hood you a dead-ass nigga

I'm Mr. young G but to the B.G.'s up provider
I put 'em up on gang how to be a true rider
In a dirt we do it keep it ?? caps
And we rather be caught with it
Doin' without a strap
We know the Dogs is deep
But the Crabs is bigger
So it's up to the Dog
To be some silent type killa
Violently, silently, another Crab is smoked
Tryin' to bail thru to the Center
So when the Center ??
Just another homicide or C-K Ride
Whatever turn you go by
Crab fools just die
Without a trace even race from the face to the hood
Got caught by the Center Park Bloods in Inglewood
The Dogs in the hood give no respect
Rickets niggas come thru?
Rickets niggas gettin' wrecked, around the set
The Rider Bone runs in rage
A maniac in hood with a 12 Gauge
So if you slip into the hood then you might be a hot one
Your last side was Rider Bone and a shotgun
Another strikes for the homies claimin' C.P.
The Inglewood Blood Gang killin' silently
So is known about the Dog's on the under
Ain't got no time for no blue ?? and blunders
And to the world C-K will never cease
And may a Crab-ass niggas rest in peace

It's the silent gangsta tip
So 'ware that trip gettin' banked in the lip
It's Center Park with the triggers
Ricket you step to this, gets a dead-ass nigga
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