Akon - 9 mm

[Intro - Akon] - (Snoop Dogg) - [Lil' Wayne]

Konvict, konvict

(Snoop Dooogg)(lil-wayne)

Konvict Music..wanna. Akon n David Banner

If niggas ride tonight, best beleive we bout to ride tonight yeah

[Young Money, Cash Money

Come on Akon]

[Chorus x2 - Akon]

I got a 9 mm

Ready to go off any minute

So you feel it

Because of a law I had to conseal it

If you fuck around you gon make me reveal it

[Verse 1 - Lil' Wayne]

Tool on deck

Why would I lie

nigga you a pussy

Hope you got 9 lives

I could hit a nigga wit the 9.-9 times

Country ass boy

Country like Leanne Rimes

Mississippi D-Banner

And Lil-Weezy-Anna

Everybody got tools

So you will need a hammer

Im a pill poppin animal

Syrup sipping nigga

Im so high you couldn’t reach me wit a fucking antenna

Your fucking wit this man

You can be this man dinner

The 9 give me brains

But the AK add liver

The rapper is insane

Flowing like a mad river

Make your ass quiver

Like you naked at winter

Hollygrove honcho

Hard time giver

Im a shark in the water

You just Long John Silver

I got a girl

You want to meet her

Her name is 9 millimeter

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2 - David Banner]

If i got 9 slugs, 9 bullets gon fly

if i got a red beam, 9 people gon die

9 momma's gon cry, 9 spirits in the sky

9 preachers preachin, 9 sermons tellin 9 lies

cause each and every one of yall 9 nigga's wasn't shit

i would of rather kept the 9 lugers in the ruger clips

the index finga slip i let the 9 spit

I lick em all like 18 tits on 9 chicks

im a suicide risk, 9 slits on each wrist

if i died 9 times, the next go arounds a bitch

and if i come back i throw 99 shows

and shove 9 inches of dick in 99 hoes yall

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3 - Snoop Dogg]

Ima west coast original, Black John Wayne

Nigga where we from we like to pop that thang

Hey you better stop that man,

fat mouth the dawg and imma pop, pop, bang

pigs wanna bust me, hoes wanna suck me

nigga's wanna touch me , none of that trust me

Im too slick to sly, never snitch i let it ride

i set aside, all my feelins when im killin, like a villian

move quick like a cheetah, imma killa

i aint here to lock up, i flash the heata and then lock ya whole block up

dip dop deeta, Banner turn the beat up,

illa for realla my nilla deal another card

you niggas always actin hard,

i keep a 9 mm in my waist and got two more in the car

yeah you all bout to get so quit it,

tryin to conseal it you fuck around and make me reveal it so kill it skillet

[Chorus x2]

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