Air Supply


(Graham Russell, Guy Allison, Clifford Rehrig)

Kiss me like you mean it

Hold me like you never have before

If you show a little feeling

I'll know that you can give a little more

How can I take your love

If you don't believe it

Reach and count those stars

One by one


Ooh, kiss me like you mean it

Ooh, Kiss me like you mean it

Now is the time when words have no answer

And silence is not what it seems

We can fall from the sky in the presence of angels

Do you dream the same dream?

Always the sounds of love

And a heart never ending

For the colors that bleed and by one


Where the water is deep the reflection is wide

We stand on the bridge looking down

But you can't decide

True love will never begin to see

So hold out your hand to me

(Repeat Chorus)

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