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From matteo.rocco@ud.nettuno.it Wed Nov 13 08:37:28 1996

|TITLE: Driftwood
|ALBUM: eh eh... u'd like to know it,eh?
|GROUP: a-ha
|FROM: Matteo Rocco
|ADDRESS: Via San Rocco 14/10
| 33100 Udine
| Italy
|E-MAIL: matteo.rocco@ud.nettuno.it
|D7+ | G | D7+ | G | D7+ | G | D7+ | G
| E- C G C-7
|Dawn awaits a sleepless English town of coloured grey
| E- C G C-7
|Here I roam the streets without you as summer fades away
| F#-7 E F#-7 E A7+ | D7+ G D7+ | F#o D |
|Down in the city at nights the cold wind blows
| E- C G C-7
|Wherever you may be right now it must be getting late
| E- C G C-7
|You're probably asleep already I am wide awake
| F#-7 E F#-7 | E A7+ | D7+ | G | D7+ | G | D7+ | G | D7+ | F#o D
|Down in the city at nights mmmmmmmhh...
| E- C G C-7
|Don't be lonely so you've told me but don't you worry now
| E- C G C-7 | G | C-7
|Loneliness can be ignored and time has shown me how
| F#-7 E F#-7 E A7+ D7+ G D7+ | G | D7+ | G | D7+
|Down in the city at nights Oh I'm missing you so much *whistle* *whistle*
|| G | D7+ | G | D7+ | B-
| *whistle*
| F#-7 E F#-7 E7+ F#-7 E F#-7 E7+_|
|Down in the city hm Down in the city hhm hmm
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