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Rem Lam Sol Rem Lam Sol Mi

Lam             Re
One time to know that it's real
Lam             Re
one time to know how it feels
         Sol7+    Mi4  Mi
that's all

Lam              Re
one call your voice on the phone
Lam             Re
one place a moment alone
          Sol7+  Mi4 Mi
that's all

Do                           Mim
what do you see,what do you know?
one sign;what do we do?
            Do        Do/Mi  
just follow your lifeline through
Lam                 Mim
what it hurts,what then?
one sign,what do you say?
Don't throw your lifelines away

Rem     Lam   Sol  Rem  Lam  Sol  Mi

Lam                Re
One time just once in my life
Lam                   Re             Sol7+     Mi4  Mi
yeah one time to know it can happen twice

Lam            Re
one shot of clear blue sky
Lam                 Re           Sol7+   Mi4 Mi
one look I see no reason why we can't

Do                       Re                         Sol-Sol7+  Do
one chance to go back to the point where evrything starts
Do                  Sim            Sol             Re     Si
one chance to keep it together when things fall apart

Lam                   Re               Sol7+  
just one sign to make us believe it's true

Do                          Mim
what do you see,where do we go
one sign,how do we grow?
By letting your lifeline show
Lam                  Mim
what if we do,what then?
one sign how will I know?
                       Sol       Rem   Lam  Sol  ....
don't let your lifeline go

you're letting your lifeline go
don't let your lifeline go
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