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Title: Hunting High And Low
Artist: A-Ha

[Am]Here I am and with[F]in the reach of
my [Fm]hand she [Am]sound asleep and she's
[F]sweeter now than my [Db]wildest dream
[Cm]could have seen her. And I wa[Ab]tch her
Slipping a[G]way. But I [F]know I'll be
[G]hunting [Asus4]high and low [G] [Fmaj7]high__[Dm]
There's no [Am7]end to the lengths [A7]I'll [Dm]go [Em]to,
[F]hunt[G]ing [Asus4]high and low [G] [Fmaj7]high [Dm]
There's no [C] end to the [Em7] lenghts I'll [Dm]go [G]to.

[Am]Find her again, upon [F]this my dreams are [Fm]depending.
[Am]Through the dark, I [F]sense pounding of [Db]her heart [Cm]next
to mine. She's the [Ab]sweetest love I could [G]find. So [F]I'll guess
I'll be [G]hunting [Asus4]high and low, [G] [Fmaj7]high__[Dm]. There's no
[Am7]end to the lenghts [A7]I'll [Dm]go [Em]to, [Asus4]high and low,
[G] [Fmaj7]high__[Dm]. Do you [C]know what it [Em7]means to [Dm]love [G]you.

[Am] [G] [F] [Dm7] [C] [B] [Am] [Em] [F]

[G] I'm hunting [Am] high and low [G] and [Fmaj7] now she's telling
me she's got to [Am]go away

[G] [F] [Dm]

[Cm] [Bb] [Ab] [G]

[F]I'll always be hu[G]nting [Asus4]high and low[G] [Fmaj7]only for you
[Dm] Watch me [Am7]tearing myself [A7]to [Dm]piec[Em]es, [F]hun[G]ting
[Asus4]high and low [G] [Fmaj7]high_____[Dm] There's no [C]end to the
[Em7]lenghts I'll [Dm7]go to [Em7] [F] for y[G]ou I'll be hunting
[Am]high and low [G] [F] [C] [Dm] [A]

Far to be exact, but I hope someone will correct this to it's perfection :)
E-mail me corrections please ! (and any other songs if you have them, or at
least pieces of 'em). Sure, you can also flame me about this !

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