You wanna roll with the alphanumerical

Lyrical, serial syllable killa wit the realness

Feel this, mix tape shots, I peal this

Ayatollah, strike like Casanova

Give me a beat, and my styles, I run it over

Corner ya brain, like a game of chess, nah

How a million MC's gon' be the best

You couldn't go against the squad, if your rhymes was hard

What made you think that you can challenge the stars?

Don't go against the grain, insane, ready to aim

No stoppin a, rockin a, hip hop philosopher

MC's and DJ's, your urban opera

I said it, intelligently, ain't nuthin next to me

Certainly, you couldn't even deal wit my weaponry

I interject like the Internet, wet ya sets

Ya ain't even heard nuttin yet

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