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Her voice is echoed in my mind
I count the days till she is mine
Canít tell my friends cos they will laugh
I love a member of the staff

I fight my way to front of class
To get the best view of her ass
I drop a pencil on the floor
She bends down and shows me moreÖ.

Thatís what I go to school for
Even though it is a real bore
You can call me crazy
I know that she craves me
Thatís what I go to school for
Even though it is a real bore
Girlfriends Iíve had plenty
None like Miss Mackenzie
Thatís what I go to school for
Thatís what I go to school for

So she may be thirty-three
But that doesnít bother me
Her boyfriends working out of town
I find a reason to go round

I climb a tree outside her home
To make sure she is alone
I see her in her underwear
I canít help but stop and stare

Everyone that u teach all day knows your looking at me in a different way
I guess thats why my marks are getting so high
I can see those tell tale signs telling me that I was on your mind
I could see that you want it more when you told me that Iím what you go to school for
Iím what you go to school for

Sheís packed her bag it's in the trunk
Looks like sheís picked herself a hunk
We drive past school to say goodbye
My friends they canít believe their eyesÖ.

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