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I'm feeling good I'm feeling bad
I'm feeling happy I'm feeling sad
Ain't got no life of my own
It's getting worse I'm out of control

My aching fucking limbs won't lift me from my bed
Today I feel so good tomorrow I'll wake up dead
No use in what you say won't listen anyway
I just need to feel alright tonight

I'm a substance abuser I'm always in debt
Amphetamine loser as good as it gets
I'm taking the punishment for committing the crime
Forever obsessed with a blinding white line
No restrictions

Live your own life in the way you see fit
Don't have to listen to any one's shit
Do what you want as you please
That's what punk rock is to me

No restrictions no rules
No regulations no law
No restrictions no rules
No regulations you fools

Make your own choice you're no one's fool
Adhere to a doctrine and scream no rules
Heard that shit many times before
No one lives by an unwritten law

No restrictions no rules
No regulations no law
No restrictions no rules
No regulations you fools

Allegiance to none is no fucking crime
My decision comes from my mind
With my mouth I scream and shout
That's what the Varukers is all about
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