I Wanna Get A Mohawk (but Mom Won't Let Me Get One) Lyrics

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I heard it on the radio and 6 o' clock
New said youd better not drive when you get on the booz.
The sheriff was on tv an a shakein his hand.
Said were really crackin down youd better understand

When you get on the whiskey
When you get on the whiskey
When you get on the whiskey let somebody else drive.
Started drinkin on friday and by saturday nite had be blowin through a tube charg'd with dui.
Cuff'd and book'd and thrown in a cell.
I was tryin to sobor up and tell him myself.

(Repeat chours)
guitar solo.

48 hours is a long is a
Long time to kill in a room full of drunks cover'd with steel.
Hell's all the serve in a metro bar so dont be drinkin when your drivein your car.

(Repeat chorus)
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