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but nobody sees you
you're out on the edge
but you're not in danger
because you're only two feet
above the ground

you're out on a mission
for recognition
you're out on a mission
a show to sell out
but you've already sold out
you fucking sellouts

no one, no one cares
how close you were to the end
no one, no one sees
the changes you've made for yourselves

you need to break
apart from your egos
you need a break
to find a new image
'cause you're not rock stars
but you should be

you're out on a mission
for recognition
you're out on a mission
to quote yourselves
i've figured you out
you're so complex

oh yes, oh yes, they're coming on strong
and maybe by monday
their songs will live on
but the meltdown
the meltdown
the meltdown...
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