Afghan Whigs

Afghan Whigs - Omerta

Up all night, again

Az for sleep, no comprende

I don't sleep 'cuz sleep iz the cousin of death

Least that's what Nas say

Sleep iz a state of mind

And to know iz to be on your way

I bought some bad drugs

Off these snotty little rave kids I met

And I shuffled off to Buffalo

If I have love, then I hide it

Then the people that I hide it from

Have helped me to deny

That it's not enough to show you care

You gotta take on every double cross

And every double dare, I swear to you

Unchain your mind, become divine

Surrender, surrender my love

And get on down here and say it with me

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Sick and tired again

Fucked and wired again

It's all so beautiful

Sound like a stone temple sob story to me

If I'm on your mind again

You must be trippin' on some of that

Voodoo I been throwin' down

When you're high and lost in the clouds

Then you know it's time to get down, again

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