Afghan Whigs

Afghan Whigs - Kiss The Floor guitar tab

kiss the floor


song: dulli, mc collum

tabs: mcclure


The guitar plays the repetitive figure while the bass plays the low end

melody notes. Watch out for the timing cos it sounds a little different,

(I haven’t worked out what it is yet) :




Bass : F# (1st time)

G (2nd time)

F# (3rd time)

E (4th time)

(now joined by the 2nd guitar playing accompanying chords)

Bass : F# Guitar : F#m 244222

B Bm X24432

D D XX0232 or X57775


Repeat F# B D A then :

Bass : G Guitar : G 320033

D D XX0232

Carry on with the D for 6 more bars, allowing it to decay into the verse






hypnotized by this endless summer

filled with nothing i keep with me

won't let them take this nothing from me

won't let you waste my time for me

Some more F#, B, D here

i've been a good boy so give it to me

and keep your brothers away from me

they know i took it

they're coming for me

now i can hear them following



we had talked about it for days

it's not supposed to happen this way

For the following just play the B ( X2X033 ) once with the emphasis on the low strings, whereas the Csus2 (

X3X033 ) and D ( XX0232 ) are both strummed as per the record. If you’re playing in a band just the bass

could cover the B note. The D chord also alternates so sometimes it’s a G instead so the riff either ends up

going up or down at the end. I don’t know if there is much of a pattern to this as the vocals, bass and guitar

all do this alternation on different lines. Make up you own version!

Csus2 B D(or G)

don't believe it's get ting cold

don't suppose i'm get ting bold

shove my head against the door

crawl inside and kiss the floor

waiting for the sun a gain

drink it smoke it stick it in

drink it smoke it stick it in

Not sure about the following, could be F#, B, D, A.

if i was going down

taking everybody else around

if i was going down

Repeat the main chorus chord sequence to fade :

Csus2 B D

(ends on D)


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