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Subject: a/adams_bryan/i_dont_wanna_live_forever.crd

BY    : Bryan Adams
ALBUM : On a day like today (1998)


The last four tracks of this album reminds me a lot other songs. "Before
the night is over" is almost "One night love affair", "Lie to me" is very
similar to "Cloud #9", and "Where Angels Fear no tread", this one
doesn´t remind  anything. And this song, "I Don´t wanna live forever"
reminded me at first "Sleeping in my car" by Roxette, but it was
while I listened the intro of "Affirmation" by Savage Garden, that I
realized it was almost the same (no, I´m not saying BA had copied SG--and
as Affirmation is newer, I wouldn´t even wonder SG has copied BA!!).


The whole song goes :

G# D# C# D#

Perhaps it has any variation, as it doesn´t sound 100% exactly, but
view it out!!



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