Ac Dc

Ac Dc - You Shook Me All Night Long


Everytime I'm in the kitchen, you in the kitchen

Let me finish this brick, 'fore you put that fish in

Listen, I know we just came from fishin

But I'm on a mission, you see, there's money that I'm missin

I got 'em posted, so the move and I'm gonna murder y'all

You and all the trouble goin through by servin y'all

And only cause my man heard of y'all

Other than that, shit, y'all won't get served at all

[Tony Yayo]

I went from oodles and noodles to lobster and shrimp

I went from bare bubble coats, to brand new minks

And yo my neck upgraded, my wrist's upgraded

I stay C of F, I ain't got time for Jacob

I'm still on the strip, tryin to get my grims off

Nigga tryin to flip and its a Mexican stand off

I put a hole in your grill, with the nine mil

Dressed in all black, lookin for souls to steal

[Chorus] - 2X

Little bit of dust, little bit of cocaine

Little bit of dro, little bit of heroine

A little bit of ecstacy

That's why your bitch want to be next to me

We sell a little bit a everything

[Young Buck]

I put the two Mags, up to your doo rag

And rockaby baby, I'm in the blue Jag with new tags, in case you wanna chase

I never knew that, the impact, comin up out a Desert Eagle

A make a nigga wob and wiggle screamin call my people

We got these fiends pourin liters, and they shootin needles

Need to be takin your connection, cause we got it cheaper

Shit I ain't new to this, I met this air stewardess

Who knows the ins and outs on how to get it in and out, nigga

[Lloyd Banks]

Ya if I put a dress code all black, nine hows and a laser

And the party is an ink pen, bottle, or a razor

Your hollerin for praise ya, catch me in the hood with a model named Taysha

And the swallow game major

These cowards ain't gangsta, they tellin you lies by sellin you dreams

And they ain't fill ins, they fiends

Plus they rat, and it's too hot to chill in the sun

My pops 39 years old, and still on the run



Wodie what you want, you want dope, you want coke

Wodie what you want, you want X, you want dro

Shit you got beef, I got a tec and a fo'

You feelin' hot and moist, I even get you a ho

If you don't got no whip, I get you a car

If you don't got no skills, I get your some more

My nigga we don't cut it, we serve it raw

Got anythin you want, play us awful hard

[50 Cent]

My 22's bling, so niggaz scheme

745i clean, this little shell nigga, fuck a triple beam

Coffee pot to cook coke, Joe to smoke, I was born to loc

Method cut the coke, 50 no joke

I ain't "Scarface", no women, no kids, I don't give a fuck

Better teach that bitch, and that little nigga to duck

With a P-90 Ruger, I put shots all through ya

If you survive you gonna feel what talent do to ya


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