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Ac Dc - Sin City bass tab

From: (Roslyn Craig)

From: "Onoi8it"

Subject: a/ac-dc/sin_city.btab

Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 19:18:55 -0500

AC/DC - Sin City Bass Tab

Author: Hans Wiegman (This is the author's own work)

From: AC/DC Power Age

Original Tab by Roslyn Craig

Playing it on the open notes gets a better ring. A little bend on the G =





|--------------|--------------| =20




There's the beginning, after that it's pretty much an open E at 4 beats a=20

measure. The lead-in to the chorus is steady A, then to a B.

The bass solo's pretty much the same as in the intro, but if you want to =

make it a little more spooky play through a Leslie or play triplets like =






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