Ac Dc

Ac Dc - Mistress For Christmas

Yeah, this one's dedicated, to my grandmother, and your grandmother

It's all love, let's not forget who raised us, word up

[LL Cool J]

Big Mama, my grandmother, my main girl

I love you much more than the scandalous world

As a young boy you gave me whoopings to save my life

Cursed me out, to keep me out the streets at night

Cause my momma had me when she was young

So you took on the responsbility to raise your grandson

You taught me if a task is once begun, Todd

Never leave it 'til it's done, Todd

Be thy labor great or small Todd

Do it well or not at all, God

Big Mama, my blood is your blood

When the whole world's against me, I know I got your love

If I was in a cell for the rest of my life

I know I'd hear your prayers in the middle of the night

Used to sit me on your lap and teach me mother wit

Early Sunday morning for them salmon and grits

I love you baby, you the one and only, that's a fact

'Til death do us part, I'ma always have your back

You beefed cause you heard that I was cursin in my raps

Eighty-six, still you wanna run and get the straps

I love you, I promise you I care for you deep

Cause when I had bronchitis you would rock me to sleep

Rub me down with green alcohol

Little brown-skinned lady bout five feet tall, Big Mama

[Chorus: Dru Hill + (LL)]

Early one Sunday morning

Breakfast was on the table (you gave me unconditional love)

There was no time to eat, she said to me

Boy hurry to Sunday school (you gave me unconditional love)

[LL Cool J]

I remember when you told me certain friends wasn't real

I didn't wanna listen, I swore I knew the deal

Come to find out, everything you said was true

Who I end up goin to for advice? You

I love you, that's why you got nurses and maids

Ever since I got paid, you ain't never been afraid

That's granddaddy wife, she taught me how to think

How to navigate through life, you made the sacrifice

You kept on livin, cause when my granddaddy died

It took all your might, but you ain't quit on life

We took trips down South, biscuits and chicken

Me you granddad and Alison, trippin

Remember, you used to pick me up from junior high

And classmates laughed when the Buick rolled by

Remember, I pulled my privates out in class

And from Farmers to Dunkirk you straight whooped my (woo!!)

The best cookin a man could ever taste

It's written in my heart, it can never be erased

Thank you so much, you taught me well

How to not get souped up, because I'm LL

How to walk the street, and hold my head real high

How to live with Christ and not be afraid to die

We sipped daquiris, but you never told moms

We even shared beers, Big Mama my dear

A toast to a woman that raised a man

In popular demand all across the land

You're my lawyer, my teacher, my doctor, my friend

My mother, my father, you with me 'til the end

I love you, I mean that from the bottom of my heart

That's the reason why my record's #1 on the charts

I'ma tell it like it is, I love you forever

Dead or alive, we'll always be together

Big Mama I love you


[LL Cool J]

I dedicate this to the Big Mama's everywhere

The ones who raised us - when nobody else was there

The ones who held us and told us it'll be alright

When gunshots was goin off every night

Taught us how to lock the door and check the peephole

And how to swallow Vicks when we had a chest cold

How to stay proud, and represent hard

Eat plenty baby, but first say grace for God

Big Mama, I'ma miss you

When one of us leave this earth

But baby for what it's worth, I love you since the date of my birth

And if it wasn't for my children, I would wanna go first

You're the reason I'm the man I am today

The inspiration, for me to be LL Cool J

When you told me "Knock 'Em Out," I brought you home a Grammy

I learned to be tough from Big Mama and Aunt Cammy

A black man that was raised by black women

On tour, sippin your special honey and lemon

You told me, gargle with vinegar water and salt

The concert was hot, thanks to your support

Girl - you're the one I love

Whether right here with me or smilin from up above

Trouble or no trouble, you always had my back

So I had to let you know your son appreciates that, Big Mama

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

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