Ac Dc

Ac Dc - Let s get it up

Someone said you're feeling ill

Well they've got this brand new pill

Does anything you want but it doesn't come cheap

Fast food particles stick to the veins

Car exhaust goes to the brain

Sickness is always free

Help doesn't come that easy

Lungs black with smoke

I watch my neighbors die

They've got no self-control

When they die no one cries

“I could give a fuck for youâ€Â is the song they're singing

So I wrote this one for us

Now the big hand's hit the hour

Could you give this up completely?

Whisper to me what you want

I would love to see you happy

And I'd come to visit soon

But these streets are filled with landmines

And these buildings lie in ruin

And I'm bleeding on the inside

I feel angry I feel tired

All bad habits turned to sickness

If they're all saints then I'm a liar

But I think its time we fix this

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