Ac Dc

Ac Dc - Got You By The Balls

(feat. 1 N Only, Troj Dogg)

[1 N Only]

There ain't no stopping me, from making green

It's that top notch click, yeah that balling team

Things bout to pop off, like a bottle of Cristal

It ain't my fault, you memorize the whole style

It's hard not to push, that repeat track

It's what we do, cause we have you coming back

Flocks of hoes jock, with sex on they mind

The adventures in this game, when we out there on the grind

Make this name known, in your household

Made this town hot, when it was cold

You best know ain't no one realer, we heavy hitters

Off the chain records, bumping in your Navigators

[Hook x2]

It ain't my fault, that you bounce to this

Ain't no use is hating, blaze an ounce to this

It ain't my fault, if you bobbing your head

So listen up close, to these words I said

[James D 303]

Check my stilo, I'm bringing my skill yo

Do you feel it do you feel it, all up in your stereo

Boom boom boom, from your amplifiers

Bass so tight, turn that shit up higher

Kicking the flow, honeys in the front row

Big pimping, right after the show

At the Mo-mo, getting a little loco fo' sho

Letting pro, from the bed to the flo'

I'm that playa of the century, twisting up another beat

Suave Smooth faculty, James D 303

It ain't my fault, cause you loving it

It ain't my fault, cause my click is the shhh

[Hook x2]

[Troj Dogg]

Coming out hard, no regard for you haters

A word to the wise, don't cross the lines I ain't playing

Flossing our cars big boss, steady pimping

Hated by plenty loved my many, noble shitting

Only foreign words I spill, words flowing

I pop the Cristal, with a smile cause I'm potent

Now hoes on the jock ride the block, cause I'm stunting

Bobbing my head eyes red, cause I'm blunted

Could give a fuck less got no stress, on what you saying

See it in your eyes no surprise, I know you hating

Debating waiting, anticipating my final chapter

Troj Dogg laying it down it ain't my fault, I'm out pal

[Hook x2]

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