Ac Dc

Ac Dc - Go Down

Rubyrubywhere you been so long?

Don't stop drinking whiskey baby since you been gone

Ain't no one I know do it as good as you

Licking on that licking stick the way you do

You got the lips to make a strong man weak and a heathen pray

Givin' you the jump it ain't the way you speaklord it's just the way

Go down

Marymaryyou're the one for me

And the way you humsting like a bumble bee bzzzz

I'll be around to see you aboutabout half past ten

Ain't felt this good since I don't know when

You got the touch that I need so much in your finger tips

I got honey what you love to taste on those lovely lips

So go down

Oh babyrub it on

It's still as sweetit's been so long

And no else got a touch like you

I let you do the things to me that no other women do

It feels goodit feels goodoh yeah

Girl you do it like you should (? )

I loved it so much

You make a ? ? ? of a man

Go down

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