Ac Dc

Ac Dc - Girls Got Rhythm


"Freeful but with no sure path

We wander through Fangorn

The Uruk-Hai dead now they are

By spears from eorlingas

We walk until a bright

As ground is steeply rising

Then we climb up some rocky stairs

Expecting for a chance"

An unknown and sudden voice

Merry, Pippin and an ageless form

Hope reborns, the Quest gets on the road!

Till the Entwash they went on!

The Derndingle followed as a way for channelling force

An awakening for all the Ents!

Down the green Methedras should be settled up...

...The Entmoot!!!

So in some more days

Wrathful Ent forces will enter Isengard

Saruman in terror will fall!!!

And Orthanc will be a sure weight less

For Freedom to come!

Great longing came over them

For faces and voices

For Frodo and the Fellowship

For Gandalf and Strider

Then the Entmoot raised

But only for a while

Now Bregalad will accompany

Them until the departure

Suddenly voices emerged!

Drum redoubles sounds of rage!!!

The Final Ent´s March

Began always towards Isengard


"We are off to face the Doom

To hew the stones and to break the doors!!!"

The awakening of the whole Forest was done

Nan Curunír

Will fall down


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