Ac Dc

Ac Dc - Carry Me Home

Chorus: A bet yuh never see mi inna mi Mecca

Nor Shabazz Bredda, nor mi Karl Kani sneaker

Yuh never see mi inna mi Ruff

But Yuh see mi Hilfiger, An mi Versace blazer


Verse 1: Material rise Italian the whole world dem conquer

Fi Jean Paul Gottiere yuh haffi have nuff paper

A 89 US fi a Mecca

Black man, full time wi all start support wi black bredda

Maurice Malone, Ruff Jeans, Karl Kani last forever

Gal yuh have the face an yuh shape like mi bimmer

Nuh mek nuh bwoy gi yuh no Hilfiger

What a calamity

Di whole a wi a wear Versace

A wear Moschino, dem two guy dey funny

Although mi wear it to but be careful wid yuh money

See Karl Kani dey guh buy it


Verse 2: Some bwoy get up say dem a di best

When yuh check out dem brand dem only dress up inna Guess

Inna dem shirt an dem vest, Dem a guh mix up inna mess

Over Fort Clarence

Mi see Frisco Kid ponal leave him pon di bench

Dem love di Franco, Di one dey name Moschino

A AIDS lick him dung over Colorado

Di one name Versace, mi nuh know him full story

All mi know di media print up, dem a tell mi sa him funny

Di one whey name Hilfiger, say him nuh like no nigger

But who di hell him think him is, Black man nuh like him either


Verse 3: All dem a talk yuh know mi naw beg nuh fren

Yuh shoulda see mi an di girl dey

Whey she name ? Donna Karen

A drive down Broadway mi an har two children

Den mi buck up Gottiere him an im funny fren dem

D&G like Guiness and beer

Now yuh hear say a big brand mi wear

Mi nuh care

Dem haffi see mi inna mi Mecca

Or Shabazz Bredda, or mi Karl Kani sneaker

Dem haffi see mi inna mi Ruff

Naw guh see nuh Hilfiger, nor nuh Versace blazer


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