Ac Dc

Ac Dc - Back Seat Confidential

uh yo yo, let monk cast microscopic allusions to da confuzed minds,

tryin to ignore but dont deny my existence

before i make your crew own with persistence,

unknown, unraveling to tha strategies

which niggas cant fade me

equiped with deadly machinery

that'll cause bitches to get blast from the front

while me and my outlaw homie rollin a fatass blunt

which the term is not yet defined

tryin to tame this track to rewind

if ya want some of this get behind enemy lines

tryin to start shit, bust out my forty-five clip

makin sure you scream like a cunt face bitch

fo sho, peach fuzz, optimo while bustin mad free flow's

to let viewers know that swoon takin niggas down slow

motionless sound, vibrant, bringin ya to tha lost and found,

cuz i be bustin out hard like dry concrete, blaze chronic is swisher sweets

as i hit the highland streets that'll sweep ya off of ya feet!

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