Ac Dc

Ac Dc - Are You Ready

In that raid to rich shores

We'd catch the Fortune's smile

Hell of the whining swords

Suddenly fall on this land

Last in my life I saw

The arrow stick in my chest

I knew as I die:

In battle I'd find my rest.


I was married on the battlefield

Wedding with death - is more than real

First sweet night under rainy sky

With the songs of winds and raven's cry

Burn fire, burn my funeral fire

My friends, raise your ale-horns higher

In that gloomy skies I hear your song

Near stars as the gleamses on swords

Of my future valiant horde

In Valhalla, where the feast of strongs

Aarrghhh! Death gave me winds

And I can fly between the stars

Death gave me freedom

And I can came into Asgard

I can drink the light

I can touch the sun

I can see the cosmic gates of world

I can fade in time

I can be the all

I can outcast all with Universe

Hail of the desperate souls

Hewed in the cave of ice

Valkiries' strew on my road

Virgin white snow from skies

Glory of sword and blade

In chamber of conquerors

Stern warriors raise their horns

Bring the fame to hammer of Thor


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