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Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC

I saw two requests for this in one week, so I assume it's not at
nevada yet. I dont really know how the solo goes, just wing something
in the 12th position pentatonic and it'll sound pretty good over this riff.

If anyone cares, let me know & I'll do this whole
album & 'High Voltage' too, 'cause there doesn't seem to be too
much AC/DC tab out there.

Play this first, then a couple times over the next section

This is the main riff for the verses & the 1st half of the solo

Or you can play it like this if your guitar sounds bad w/ open chords
( I think Angus plays open & Malcom plays power chords)
^ No one will notice if you dont play
| this whole chord & it's a pain in
+--- the ass, so dont worry about it!

This is the piece that comes before the chorus.

This little piece shows up all over the place, so figure the timing out.

Just smack the open strings --+
once as you change back to the 1st chord

Of course, there's always the easy way which sounds just as good...

That should get you pretty close. If you ever get lost, just
smack an A chord & smile & nobody will ever notice.

Jason Kester
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