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I tried to submit this when I was a non-member and they didn't take it. This lines up
with the version on the live cd exactly.
Malcolm repeats this 3 times then both guitars do this.
D5 A5
e|-----------| |-----|
b|-3-3-3-3-3-| |-----|
g|-2-2-4-2-4.| |-2---|
d|-0-0-0-0-0.| |-2---|
a|-----------| |-0---|
E|-----------| |-----|
They play around on the A5 cord a few times then they do this.
G5 D/F# D G5 D A5
Malcolm Angus
A5 A5
|---------| |------------|
|---------| |------------|
|-2-x0-2-.| |-----------.|
|-2-x0-2-.| |-14--x12-14-.|
|-0-x0-0--| |-12--x12-12--|
|---------| |------------|
Fig.1. once more.
The choruses are Fig. 2.
The other tabs have a somewhat right solo in them, I won't bother to tab it.
There's this one section after the second chorus that goes like this.
|--------------- --------------|
Here's a cool thing at the end of the solo.
The rest of this song is just these parts in a different order.
Thanks for reading this,
Sheldon and Eric W.

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