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I've had a lot of requests for this tune, so I'll post instead of

This probably isn't entirely correct, so I would appreciate anyone
letting me know of any revisions, corrections, etc. I play this on an
acoustic (it's all I have at my disposal for the time being ), and it sounds
pretty close (to me, anyways :).

Have fun.

P.S. In the tab, the 's' indicates a slide and the 'h' denotes a hammer-on.
Also, it sounds quite good if you pluck the lower strings with your
fingers rather than using a pick.

AC/DC - Gone Shootin'


e -----------------------------------------------------------------------
B -----------------------------------------------------------------------
G ---11--------------11--------------11--------------11------------------
D ---11--------------11--------------11--------------11------------------
A ---9---------7--s--9---------7--s--9---------7--s--9---------7---------
E ---9-----7h9-------9-----7h9-------9-----7h9-------9-----7h9-----------


e -------2---2--x--0---0--------------------2--2--x--0---0---------------
B -----------2--x--0---0---4-------------------2--x--0---0---4-----------
G ---2h3-------------------4---2h3------2h3------------------4---2h3-----
D ---------------------------------4---------------------------------4---
A -----------------------------------------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------

And then this:

e ------------------------------------------2--2--x--0---0---------------
B ---6------------4-----------2----------------2--x--0---0---4-----------
G ---6------------4-----------2---------2h3------------------4---2h3-----
D ---6------------4-----------2--------------------------------------4---
A ---4------------2-----------0------------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Extro: ( I think it's something like this :)

e --------2-------0-------0---------------0------------------------------
B --------2-------0-------0-------4-------0-------4----------------------
G ---2h3------------------1-------4-------1-------4----------------------
D ------------------------2-------4-------2-------4-------4--------------
A ----------------------------------------2-------2-------4--------------
E ----------------------------------------0---------------2--------------

And then play this: ( again, this may not be correct )

e -----------------------------------------------------------------------
B ---------------2------------------------------2-----------2------------
G ------2--3--4-----4--2--4------------2--3--4-----4--2--4--2------------
D ---4-----------------------4--4---4------------------------------------
A -----------------------------------------------------------------------
E ----------------------------------------------------------------------- _ Canadian Forestry Service
Rod M. Suddaby , ~ ~ , Northern Forestry Centre
Information Systems Specialist (~~ ~~) Edmonton, Alberta CA
/~ \\ // ~\
\\/ \|/ { ~ ~ ~ } ^
\\ |/ \// \ - ~~ - / /|\
\\||/ // { \\ // } //|\\
\|||// ~~ | | ~~ ///|\\\
|| | | |
..//\\.. // \\ / \
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