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Girls Got Rhythm
Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Bon Scott
Album: Highway to Hell

[Riff 1] [Riff 2]
e|-3-0-------------|e e|-3-3-------------|e
b|-2-1-------------|b b|-2-2-------------|b
g|-3-0-------------|g g|-3-3-------------|g
d|-0-2-------------|d d|-0-0-------------|d
a|---3-----0-0-3-0-|a a|---------0-0-3-0-|a
e|-----0-2---------|e e|-----0-2---------|e

[riff 1] [riff 1]
I been around the world, I seen a million girls,
[riff 1] [riff 1]
Ain^t one of them got, what my lady she^s got,
[riff 1] [riff 1]
She^s stealin^ the spotlight, she knocks me off my feet,
[riff 1] [riff 1]
She^s enough to start a landslide, just a walkin^ down the street,
[riff 2] [riff 2]
Wearin^ dresses so tight, and lookin^ dynamite,
[riff 2] [F#] [E]
Enough to blow me out, no doubt about it can^t live without it,

[riff 1] [riff 1]
Girls got rhythm, girls got rhythm,
[riff 1] [riff 1]
She got the backseat rhythm, girls got rhythm

[riff 1] [riff 1]
She^s like a lethal brand, too much for any man,
[riff 1] [riff 1]
She gives me first degree, she really satisfies me,
[riff 1] [riff 1]
Loves me ^till I^m legless, achin^ and sore,
[riff 1] [riff 1]
She^s enough to stop a freight train, or start the third world war,
[riff 2] [riff 2]
You know I^m losin^ sleep, ^cause I^m in too deep,
[riff 2] [F#] [E]
And my body needs love, no doubt about it can^t live without it,

Repeat Chorus

For the bridge you just repeat [riff 1]

[riff 2] [riff 2]
You know she moves like sin, and when she lets me in,
[riff 2] [F#] [E]
It^s like liquid love, no doubt about it can^t live without it,

Repeat Chorus

[riff 1] [riff 1]
You know she really got the rhythm, she got the backseat rhythm,
[riff 1] [riff 1]
Rock and roll rhythm, the girls got rhythm.

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