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Won't somebody somewhere come up here and take me to Waco
Cause I've got the blues
These big city sidewalks just don't suit my shoes
Won't somebody somewhere come up here and take me to Waco
I'm tired of being alone
I just ain't that tough, I think I've had enough
I just want to go home

The music and the bright lights and the women and the wine
Took all my money burned a hole in my mind
Now the party is over and the good times are through
The last bell is ringing
The fat lady's singing
And the moon just turned blue

I'd jump on a Greyhound, but I ain't got no money at all
I'd hop me a freight train but I'm afraid I might fall
I'd flag down a semi, put my thumb in the air
Just give me a ride to the East Texas line
I can walk home from there
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