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In Hundred Days they Sailed
Towards Grandious Battles far Away
With Swords of Coldest Black Steel
Bitter at Heart and with Eager to Kill

Awaiting Blackheim's Last Command
To Strike at Distant Enemyland
They Set their Course by the Northern Stars
A Voyage on the Desolate Darkblue Seas

A Land Appeared ­n the Horizon Far
They Reached the Shores Colder than their Own
A Whiteout Wasteland unknown to Time
And Nature Arts of Mother Earth

Raise Your Sword by the Sentinel's Battlehorde
Raise Your Sword for Blackheim the Ravenlord

All the Way from the Highest North
They Came to Conquer the Southern Seas
To Spill the Blood of their Enemies
To Set their Lands in Ruins

The Ravenlord
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