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From: (Jon T Nilsen)
Subject: Re:TAB: John Lee Hooker (boom boom)

* For AC/DC Fans:
* Angus Young & Brian Johnson performed this song at Fun Radio during a
* radio programme in France in 1995 during their promoting of Ballbreaker.
* This version they did was more or less the main riff here together
* with a mix of lyrics from John Lee Hookers "Boom Boom" and "Dimples".
* The AC/DC version should be widly available on mp3.



after the intro there's a one measure rest then 2x 12 bar blues pattern, 
inst. break, one more verse and outro.

verse:for those who don't know the blues progression
 E7(4) A7(2) E7(2) B7(2) E7(2)   [for comp purposes is B7(1) A7(1)]
       E7=1st 2 measyres of intro
       A7=measures 5+6
       B7=measures 9+10

Instrumental break:
F----------0-0-|4x  ---------0----|---------||----------0-----|----3--0-|2x
C-------3------|    ------4-----4-|-----/5--||------3------/5-|---------|




3rd verse and fade.

as with any song listen to it for the rhythm. Let me know if it helped. 
i have more.

   *         Jon Nilsen           ** I push the elelator button.       * 
   * ** Elelator go up. Elelator go down. *    
   *                              **          -Plucky Duck             *
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