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Intro chord: G

(G)When you were lonely, you (D)needed a man
(G)Someone to lean on, well (D)I understand
(C)It's only natural
But (D7)why did it have to be me(G) (D7) (G) (A)
(G)Nights can be empty, (D)nights can be cold
(G)So you were looking for (D)someone to hold
(C)That's only natural
But (D7)why did it have to be me(G) (G7) (C)

(C)I was so lonesome, I was blue
(Gmaj7)I couldn't help it, it had to be you and I (D7)
Always thought you knew the reason why (G) (G7) (C)
(C)I only wanted a little love affair
(A)Now I can see you are beginning to care
But (G/B)baby, (C)believe me
(A7)It's better to (G/D)forget (D)me (C) (G) (D7)

Men are toys in the game that you play
When you get tired, you throw them away
That's only natural
But why did it have to be me
Falling in love with a woman like you
Happens so quickly, there's nothing to do
It's only natural
But why did it have to be me

I was so lonesome...

D7: xx0212 or x57575
Gmaj7: xx4321
G/B: x20003
G/D: xx0003

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