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(feat. K-Rino)

[Hook x2]
These are the seeds, of reality
These are some of the things that you should think bout, when you breathe
Who said tomorrow is promised, here for you or for me
But if you open your eyes, I garuntee that you will see

[Dougie D]
The lies that are told, the dreams that are sold
The children that are starving, and the mothers that are hoes
The dopefiends and the dealers, the killers and the coroners
The swishas and the sweets, and all the bags of marijuana
The hustler and his grind, the law man and his nine
A crooked cop and a badge, and a innocent man that just done died
A member right out of the Klan, got a position that's judge in a robe
The nigga that's facing the judge in the robe, is gonna get hung by the throat
The money and the greed, the evil that deceives
The pussy and the dick, the infection and the disease
The ghetto and it's cries, the soldiers that have died
The sweet taste of living, and the bitter taste of dying
The wicked ways of Satan, the holy ways of God
The people doing right, and the people doing wrong
The higher class living rich, lower class slums
Lower class taking higher class shit, with guns

[Hook x2]

[Dougie D]
The passing of a life, the coming of a new
The passion of a love, the hatred of it too
The trying for bickery, the agony of defeat
The screams of a war, the silence of the peace
The demons of the hells, the angels of the heavens
Punished for our sins, forgiven for our mature guessings
A man that set his best, a man that set his doom
A figment of the imagination, a figment of the truth
The weakness of a mark, the strength of a king
The beauty of a princess, and the horror of a beast
The gift of having sight, the curse of being blind
Knowing when to stay, and knowing when to move around
The timidness of women, the fury of her wrath
The judgment of a wise man, and the foolish never lasts
The new into the old, the old into the new
The now that was then, the then we never knew

[Hook x2]

We live in modern day Babylon
I roll with activists from Garvey, down to Farakan
Whites fintiblize, murdered us and many women cried
Got penalized for being black, through blatant genocide
I'm trying to elevate my own mind, and enlighten yours
I'm writing bars, that might fighting people from fighting wars
I read the time through revelation, not a horoscope
At the rate we going, will we see tomorrow (nope)
False education, so I can't believe what teachers say
How can I keep going to church, knowing the preacher's gay
I'm tired of stepping on the glass, I'm bout to buy a weapon
How can I know my partna's smoking, and won't try to help him
America is at the end, we ain't got longer last
You ain't a man your woman work, and you laying on your ass
We are the sinners of the lost nation, getting found
And every action committed by a man, was written down
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