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Walk blind and burn in every step

Indifferent to particular sides
Capture a soul, symbolic of status thats found
Instinctively drives down desire
Becoming greedier

Walk the line scream out in the face of
Impossibility, imagine that, plutocrat
Mistaking traits of lust for disgust
Or honesty?

Round and round, purpose, will and chance or inflicted
Suffering a tailored fate
That suffering whim of not listening to him
That freedoms built in you

All is always to be it seems to be a therapy
Intent to supplement the torment of being crucified
To satisfy...
Bleed yourself, bleed for realisation
Testify, channel devotion inbound crowned
King solitaire, drive away care, uncover what we are

Be yourself to burn in every step

Shaken and stirred, revelation word
An investor supplier, a martyr messiah
Coming again decadent intent
An idealistic mould uh

No dog but life no wrong but right

It's the boundaries of the mind, prejudicial in the way
Contradicting how to think
Illinformed on what to say

Albies, generalies, crucified, socialies

Fight for power born inbred
Scold the symbol in your head
Illinformed on how to think
Contradicting what u say

Arm the insane, deliberately

Listen to this to that to fable this n' that
Autonomy tries to be control essentially
To believe deny
Correct n' lie in harmony
Descend on the path to "know"
That freedoms built in you
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