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[ice cube]
I got a full tank of unleaded {repeat x4}

Now we could roll all day, if I could ride all night
---i got a full tank of unleaded--- {repeat}

(verse one) {:30}
I see you walkiní and Iím damn near stalkiní
You a chicken head and Iím chicken hawkiní, now we talkiní
íbout your unlucky backround
And how your ex-boyfriend is smokiní crack now (why)
Iím very very simpethetic
But baby where you headed?
---i got a full tank of unleaded---
She got in and had ass for days like
---boom, bam, god, damn!---
She aks me would I harm her
No, Iím a charmer
A fuckiní night in shining armour
We went out and had a blast, everytime she walked past
Nigga got a quick fast glimpse of that ass
(what choo wanna do after this? )
I wanna get your tities in my fist
But you wanna kiss
Your mouth might taste like dick (ewww)
And I grew up on beariní wit, trick

Now we could roll all day, if I could ride all night
---i got a full tank of unleaded--- {repeat}

(verse two) {1:19}
Niggas that I know donít kiss no hoes
Niggas that I know donít buy no clothes
Niggas that I know donít fuck no pros
Niggas that I know roll foots (? ) in fours (yeah)
Pull them panties off your hips
Pussy deep as crips
And íbout as wide as my grip
Never ever get me with that wipper feel
They got a pants full of black steel
Am I too real?
You like dick I know you do
Wanna bring out the hoe in you
I know what youíre goiní thru
You already think youíre cree-al
You should learn to suck this like vanessa del rio
Aww, you thought I was a nice guy
But shit, I was around eight, with bitches gettiní laid
If I wrap my dick in plastic
Now, how wide can that ass get?
Itís gettiní drastic

Now we could roll all day, if I could ride all night
---i got a full tank of unleaded--- {repeat}

(verse three) {2:10}
Should of picked up an old girl that I know
Thatís what I get for fucking with you young hoes
About to get an attitude, whatís hapeniní?
Baby how you actiní?
Letís get it crackiní (címon)
Well then bitch you got to go
I put her ass out, on imperial
Hoe slamed my door, next to texico
Kick my lexo, broke my window
Put out my indo
Jumped out and said bitch are you crazy?
Fucked around and got lazy
She jumped in my car, took off, now Iím stuck
And all I want to do was fuck

I had to stroll all day, I had to walk all night
---i had a full tank of unleaded--- {repeat}
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